About Us

We are an engineering consultancy company established in 2019.

About us

Providing responsive, safe, and trusted solutions to our clients with standardized quality and cost-effective engineering services.

Providing Engineering Analysis-based services

Providing solutions with the supports from Research and Development in Science and Technology

Developing competency for engineers.

Artech is an engineering consultant company established in Jakarta in 2019. We deliver various engineering consultancy services for Energy, Infrastrcuture, Petrochemical and F&B industries.

Artech do not provide a team of experts, but an expert team. Our expert team comprises of experienced personnel derived from various backgrounds including mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, process, material and structure engineering.

Surely, our experiences and competencies are not sufficient to deliver high quality services. Collaborations and cooperations with our clients and partners are the most valuable asset for our company. Together, we invite people to collaboratively participate in developing sustainable industries in Indonesia.

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