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We are the expert in Green Energy Technology and Engineering Equipments.
Our capabilities includes:

   • Design and Engineering
   • Machining and Fabrication
   • Erection and Installation
   • Test and Commissioning
   • After Sales Service

As the professional in this field, ARTECH has applied thermal and mechanical design with modern fabrication facilities and quality control techniques to production of high quality equipments and systems.

Fluidized Bed Gasifier
Awal Maret 2011, Artech mensuplai Fluidized Bed Gasifier FBG-15 untuk Universitas Sriwijaya Palembang. Alat ini rencananya akan digunakan untuk penelitian dan pengembangan Batubar... readmore
Pengolahan Sampah Kabupaten / Kota
Plastic Waste to Synthetic Oil

Appropriately handle plastic waste, it can produce synthetic oil that is almost similar quality with regular petrol in the market.

Coal Gasification Unit

One of "Clean Coal Technology" is changing from direct combustion technology to a "Gasification Technology" that is, transform coal into synthetic gas before being fed into the unit of equipments. Beside pressing environmental pollution, it can also reduce the cost of operations.

Biofuel Equipments - Algae

Algae proved very effective change / absorb CO2 with the help of sunlight to the energy which each ton algae requires 2.88 tons of CO2 per day and one species of them can produce Biofuel 1500 liters per day per hectare.

Scrap Tires to Energy

Used or scrap tires that pollute the environment, it needs to do a business that can turn it into energy and something more usefull.

Heat Transfer Equipment

We are also producing, Spray Dryer, Vacuum Dryer, Rotary Dryer, Flash Dryer, Heat Exchanger, Fluidized Bed Dryer, Continuous Belt Dryer, Fluidized Bed Gasifier, Hi-Temp Incinerator, Plasma Incinerator, Coal Fuel Incinerator, Thermal Oil, Supercritical Fluid.

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